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Dawn Boyd

I’ve always loved to drive but never even considered racing, with no family ties to motorsport I had no inkling that there could be a place for me, it was just something you watched on TV.
A big teenage shock changed my life. I lost my brother in a car crash when I was 19, he was only 22… When I reached 23 it was a personal milestone and I celebrated with a day at Brands Hatch. I loved it but thought no more of it.
10 years later I read an advert in the paper quoting “women drivers needed”.. assuming it was for mini bus or taxi drivers I read it. It was a national advert for Formula Woman! I entered, thinking nothing more of it. Then I received an acceptance letter! Following their judging and testing process, I got through to ‘boot camp’ and to the final stages. I came 31st out of 4500, that was it, I was hooked!
During the FW training my Dad became ill with cancer, he died within a year, so he never got to see me race. I do believe he was proud of my achievements with the competition and would approve of my racing. Its only thanks to him that I can race as I’ve not managed to find a sponsor.
I’ve been club racing in saloon cars since 2006: Caterham races with FW, BMW Mini Challenge, Fiesta Racing, VW Golf Mk2, Fiesta ST, and currently a Honda Civic Type R.
With my Mini Challenge mechanic we created a private race team called Finsport, and we have had some great success with my races. We have had 8 great years together, with over 50 trophies to our credit, including winning the 8v Class in Production GTi in 2011, with the VW Golf and I won the VTec Challenge Series overall in 2014 in the Honda Civic.
There’s been some obstacles over the years, like being blamed for a crash or two, where a guy would have been forgiven, being a girl brought out the odd misogynist (especially some hiding behind a social media keyboard!) but overall guys accept me as a racer and I have great memories of some fantastic racing. I’ve also had a couple of close shaves where things could have gone very wrong but I just wonder sometimes, could that have been my Dad and Brother keeping an eye on me?
Most recently I’ve been on the grid with the Classic Touring Cars CTCRC and although I somehow managed to blow up the engine in race 1 last season, whilst my miracle mechanic rebuilt it, we got the old race car back out and raced for points, bringing the Honda back in 2 months, we finished 4th. It’s a great bunch of guys to race with and I’ve loved it. We are currently 3rd in class and 4th in the Championship this season and looking forward to more in 2017.
I’ve also recently become a BMMC Marshal and can’t get enough of it!. You are so close to the racing, and get involved in everything. We’re out in all weathers but we don’t care, the camaraderie within the Orange Army is fantastic. I’ve marshalled for more than 40 race days in the last 2 years, ranging from BTCC to Goodwood revival, FOS and club racing. I’ve made loads of friends who all frantically wave when they marshal my races I can’t wait for more next year, and for as long as I can, although at the grand old age of 45 now, there’s probably only a couple more years left in me!
Thanks for reading my story, hope you liked it.